Table Revamp

There is something about family furniture pieces that bring a warmth to your home.  Even if a piece doesn’t quite fit your décor, the memories and nostalgia make it part of your family.  I recently inherited a piece from my mother.  From best I know it started out its life as a my grandmothers, then became my mom’s, took a short trip to my brothers, and then back to my mom’s.  It is a beautiful wood barley twist draw-leaf table, but its seen some better days.  I decided to take it and make it part of my home. 


As you can see the top has scratches, water rings, green marker, and overall dull look to it. 


The legs are worn and have paint wax dripped on them.


The chairs have scratches and this particular one even has a place chewed by a dog :(

I set out to repair these as best I could but I’m not a professional by any means and the thought of stripping and restaining scared the bejeezies out of me.  So for those of you in this predicament, I’ll let you know what I did to restore her to this:

She’s not perfect, she still has scratches (less visible) and I couldn’t restore the piece that was chewed only make it less noticeable.  But I think all those things add to her memories as part of our family. 

  1. Clean Clean Clean!  With a slightly damp rag I scrubbed all the surfaces with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  You can get this at pretty much any grocery store or hardware store.  Let it dry completely. 
  2. Using 0000 Steel wool, lightly work it over the surface just to smooth out the smaller scratch marks.  Don’t press hard, this is just to help create a smoother final finish you are not actually sanding.
  3. Wipe off any dust with a dry rag.
  4. Wipe down entire piece with Howard’s Restor-a-Finish.  In your choice of color.  I used the dark walnut.  This can be bought on line or at your local hardware store.
  5. Follow the directions.  Let dry and wait to see if a second coat is needed.  If so, repeat and wait to dry.
  6. For areas that are missing color (water marks or doggie chew marks), I went back and sanded those areas until they were smooth and I could see bare wood.  Then I used Minwax wood finish in dark walnut to cover the bare areas.  I wiped it on with  a rag and blended the edges so that the line wasn’t obvious.
  7.  Wait to dry and then Wax! I really like this Howard’s product, but you can use anything. 
  8.  Love and enjoy your furniture!


Here’s how she looked with all the Christmas goodies this year…

And this is how she looks set for two with my new drapes (courtesy of The Nester’s blog mistreatment instructions here)

Let me know if you have any questions.  It sounds like a scary process but it was really quite easy (other than having patience to let it dry) and totally worth it for piece of history.

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